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Zach Meeks – Personal Injury Attorney In Georgia

I am a native Georgian, born and raised in the Atlanta metropolitan area. I graduated from Milton High School in Milton, Georgia where I met my wife and love of my life, Melissa. As the proud father of two amazing daughters, I consider being “Dad” as my most important mission. When I am away from the practice of law, I enjoy spending time with my family, attending college football games, playing golf, traveling to new destinations, and attending Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, Georgia.

I earned my qualifications at the University of Alabama, Faulkner University, and the University of Denver. I returned to my hometown of Atlanta to establish my practice, where I offer my services as a personal injury lawyer, working with victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, commercial trucking accidents, medical malpractice law and others.

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Impact Law – Our mission

Impact Law is a personal injury law firm founded with a clear mission and purpose. As we go about representing and serving those who have been harmed through no fault of their own, we seek justice for the injured. Our mission and purpose are to make a positive, memorable impact on:
  • The clients we represent,
  • The employees we hire and develop,
  • The community we live and work in,
  • The legal profession we participate in and contribute to, and
  • The families that we love.

These positive impacts are all for the greater purpose that we are here to serve. In our practice in personal injury law, whether dealing with car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, work injuries and more, throughout our legal representation of the injured, we endeavor to live by the Golden Rule. As a small law firm, we focus our energies on a limited number of cases, giving our personal attention and care to each client, and never resting until they have received the compensation they deserve.

Experienced Counselor

Experienced Counselor

Our boutique approach to personal injury law means that an experienced litigation lawyer counsels you throughout the process

Dedicated Partner

Dedicated Partner

Don’t go it alone. Our personal injury expertise allows us to partner with you throughout the entire legal process, providing what you need every step of the way

Committed Advocate

Committed Advocate

Impact Law, gives time and personal attention to each case we take on. Here clients are not just numbers; they are individuals who become our friends.
Melissa Meeks - Meeks Impact Law

Melissa Meeks – Legal Nurse Consultant In Georgia

My name is Melissa Meeks and I have over 15 years of experience as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department. I am a certified ER nurse and member of the Emergency Nurses Association. This intense environment, which requires fast-paced assessment and thorough documentation, has provided an excellent foundation for my work as a legal nurse consultant. I enjoy being a part of both our healthcare and justice systems, providing expert guidance on medical malpractice cases and other medically related legal matters. In my off time, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, reading a new book, practicing yoga, and lake days with my family.

Kaley Lackey – Paralegal In Georgia

My name is Kaley Lackey and I am a paralegal for Impact Law. One of the best parts about working with Impact Law is the ability to develop personal relationships with our clients throughout their cases; it is a very rewarding experience to have the opportunity to make a difference in our client’s lives by getting them justice in their personal injury cases. In my free time, I enjoy practicing hot yoga, traveling, visiting new museums, and spending time with my one-eyed cat!

Kaley Lackey - Meeks Impact Law

Why Impact Law?

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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

When you experience a personal injury resulting from a car accident, a work incident, or any other cause, you may feel as if you are on your own. You have insurance companies and at-fault parties to deal with, all while trying to recover from your injuries and restore normalcy to your life. The other parties involved do not necessarily have your best interests at heart and are not likely to offer you the compensation you deserve. By working with a personal injury lawyer, you can get an experienced, objective negotiator and litigator in your corner – someone who can give you the correct legal advice and fight for your rights. Whether settling the case through mediation or taking the matter all the way to court, your personal injury lawyer will take on negligent and at-fault parties, as well as their insurance providers and legal representatives, to ensure that your rights are protected, and your recovery secured.

Meeks Impact Law
Zack and Melissa Meeks - Meeks Impact Law

why choose us?

While it is true that you have many options when it comes to personal injury attorneys, what you really want is a small, family-based firm that will give you and your case the personal attention you need. We are pleased to offer you just that. Impact Law is the practice of Zach Meeks, a personal injury lawyer with considerable experience working with a major insurance company in the past. Now working on his own with a small support team, he gives his time and personal attention to each case he takes on. At Impact Law, clients are not just numbers; they are individuals who become our friends. With a focus on nurturing personal relationships with clients, together with formidable knowledge of and experience in personal injury law, Zach will always do what is necessary to achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

about us

Impact Law is a personal injury law firm in Cumming, Georgia. Our small, dedicated team is led by Zach Meeks, an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of personal injury law. His wife, Melissa Meeks, is a legal nurse consultant who applies her expertise to the resolution of medical-related legal cases. Together, they have established a small, client-focused, family-based law firm that concentrates on forming personal relationships with a small number of clients.
Our clients receive quality legal services from a team that genuinely cares about them as individuals, and their families. This personalized approach is applied to a wide variety of personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice cases, workplace injuries, pedestrian accidents, Uber & Lyft accidents, wrongful death,
drunk driving accidents, and bus accidents. We understand both the legal and medical aspects of personal injury law, and we apply this dual knowledge to building strong cases that will get our clients the compensation they deserve

The Meeks Impact Law Team


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School Bus Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was rear-ended by a school bus and suffered a severe back injury requiring spinal surgery. We were able to obtain policy limits from all sources of insurance available without needing to resort to litigation.


Motorcycle Accident

The client was thrown from a motorcycle and suffered severe head and arm injuries after a vehicle failed to yield while exiting a CVS parking lot. We managed to resolve the case prior to litigation, and the client walked away with a net recovery worth over six figures.


Motor Vehicle Accident DUI

Our client was a passenger who suffered severe upper body injuries after a single-vehicle accident. The driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the crash. Despite incurring enormous medical expenses, the client walked away with a high, five-figure net recovery without needing to resort to litigation.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Client was involved in a three-vehicle motor vehicle accident and suffered multiple serious injuries. Case was settled in mediation prior to trial.


Pedestrian Injury

The client was a pedestrian who suffered serious head, neck and back injuries who was struck by a distracted driver while while running in a cross walk. The case settled prior to litigation.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Client was a child who suffered a serious back injury while in a rear-end motor vehicle accident. The case settled for policy limits while in litigation.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Head-on collision (2021) The client suffered a severe back injury resulting from a head-on collision with a vehicle that went left of center. After all medical expenses were paid, the client was able to recover a substantial five-figure net recovery without needing to resort to litigation.


Motor Vehicle Accident

The client suffered a broken femur after a vehicle made an improper turn in front of his vehicle. After extensive medical treatment and all medical bills being paid, the client obtained a substantial five-figure net recovery without needing to resort to litigation.


House Fire Injuries

The clients suffered injuries due to smoke inhalation and emotional trauma after their house burned to the ground as a result of an electrical fire. A global settlement was procured on behalf of the family during mediation, which resulted in a substantial five-figure net recovery for the injured family.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client suffered back injuries resulting from a two-vehicle accident. The at-fault vehicle struck my client head-on after going left of center. After a mediated settlement during litigation, the client was able to net a substantial five-figure recovery.


Motor Vehicle Accident

The client suffered a spinal injury due to a four-car, rear-end accident. We were able to secure a five-figure net recovery without needing litigation.

Slip & Fall at Hotel

The client suffered a catastrophic injury to her right knee after she fell while trying to step out onto the balcony of her hotel room. As a result, she required a knee replacement. The case was settled without litigation, despite there having been no offer from the hotel prior to the lawsuit being filed. The client obtained a substantial five-figure net recovery.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Client suffered multiple serious injuries in a rear end motor vehicle accident. The case settled during mediation prior to trial.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Client was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident. The at fault driver made an improper left-hand turn causing the collision. The case settled without the need for litigation.

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