Uber or Lyft Car Accident: How to Get Compensation

Uber or Lyft Car Accident

Were you recently in an Uber or Lyft car accident? If you were hurt during a rideshare accident, you can get compensation for your injuries. Bodily injury claims involving an Uber or Lyft car accident are complex. If you were a passenger or driver involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, a lawyer with Meeks Impact Law can help you to receive the compensation you deserve. Find out more in this guide.

Uber and Lyft Insurance Policy

As popular rideshare companies, both Uber and Lyft provide insurance coverage to protect their drivers and passengers who work for or use their rideshare services. Passengers and drivers involved in an Uber or Lyft accident are covered under this insurance.

Uber’s Insurance Policy

Uber insurance protects both drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. The insurance coverage applies to passengers, when they have paid a fare through the Uber app, when they are enroute to their destination. According to Uber’s policy, the company protects passengers from the financial cost of injury and also covers the costs of medical treatment.

Uber drivers and passengers are entitled up to $1,000,000 in uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage, in addition to any liability insurance coverage available, in the event of an accident. This coverage is only applicable in cases where the driver is available (driver app is on), waiting for a ride request, enroute to pick up riders, or during paid trips. Third-party drivers involved in an accident with an Uber driver can also recover against insurance provided by Uber.

Lyft’s Insurance Policy

Lyft offers insurance to its drivers and their passengers throughout their rideshare journey. If a passenger is injured while traveling in a Lyft driver’s vehicle, damages or costs will be covered by Lyft’s commercial liability insurance. Passengers can recover up to $1,000,000 in third-party liability or $1,000,000 in uninsured/underinsured motorist protection.

Lyft drivers can also receive up to $1,000,000 for uninsured/underinsured motorist following an accident while on route. Third parties involved in an accident with a Lyft driver can also recover against Lyft’s insurance coverage if the Lyft driver was at fault for the accident.

Who Takes Responsibility?

Rideshare accidents can get complicated as the accident usually involves multiple parties. The investigation team investigates the accident to ensure that all facts are correct. If a third party is responsible, Uber and Lyft insurance will cover the damage for a driver’s or passenger’s injury in the event that there is not enough liability coverage to fully compensate the injured party.

Accident cases can get a bit complex if a rideshare driver is responsible. Uber/Lift insurance policies only provide coverage when the vehicle is being used for the business purposes of Uber/Lyft. A driver will often use their own personal insurance when their vehicle is used for personal reasons so how the vehicle was being used at the time of the accident is material to whether Uber/Lyft’s coverage is applicable.

Can You Get Compensation?

If you sustained an injury by using a ride-sharing company, you can submit a claim for compensation. It is important that you take as many pictures of the accident as possible. Also, treating for your injuries promptly is important both for your health and legal case. Meeks Impact Law can assist you from the outset to make sure that all relevant evidence is obtained and that you get access to the medical care needed to get well.

Why You Need an Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer from Meeks Impact Law

If you are injured during a rideshare accident, contact the injury lawyers at Meeks Impact Law as soon as possible. Uber and Lyft accident cases are complicated, and sometimes drivers can deny liability for the accident or injuries sustained. In these cases, it’s important not to speak to any insurance teams before you speak to Meeks Impact Law first. Uber and Lyft must keep details of the accident, such as GPS coordination and cellular and electronic data. An injury attorney from Meeks Impact Law can help you obtain this information and get the compensation you deserve.

If you were a passenger or driver involved in an Uber or Lyft car accident, contact our team today!

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