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Did you ever think you would need the services of a nursing home/elder abuse lawyer in Georgia? Older adults are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and deserve to be respected, cherished, and protected. Allow Meeks Impact Law to stand with you to protect your loved ones.

What is Elder Abuse?

The Disabled Adults and Elder Persons Protection Act defines an Elder Person as a person of 65 years or older who is not a care facility resident. Abuse is defined as the “willful infliction of physical pain, physical injury, sexual abuse, mental anguish, unreasonable confinement, or the willful deprivation of essential services to a disabled adult or elder person.”

Signs of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse attorneys, Meeks Impact Law, will work with you to identify whether you or your loved ones have been abused, exploited or neglected. Common signs of elder abuse include:

  • Physical abuse where physical force is used to coerce or inflict bodily harm.
  • Emotional abuse such as harassment, insults, intimidation, isolation or threats.
  • Sexual abuse is any sexual behavior directed towards an older adult without their full knowledge or consent.
  • Financial abuse or exploitation includes improperly or illegally using an older person’s resources for the benefit of another person.
  • Neglect occurs when a caregiver refuses or fails to provide essential services to the degree that it harms or threatens to harm the older adult.
What is Elder Abuse
Nursing Home/Elder Abuse Lawyer

Does the law protect older adults in nursing homes?

There are specific laws under the Georgia Code to protect older adults residing at nursing homes, personal care homes, and long-term care facilities. Meeks Impact Law as a nursing home attorney will advise which law is relevant once we hear the facts of a case. 

Rights of nursing home residents in Georgia

Nursing home lawyers such as Meeks Impact Law are available to protect your rights as a nursing home resident and advise which actions to take if those rights are not respected. These rights relate to the admission, transfer, discharge, and care of older adults in nursing homes, and provide remedies when those rights have been violated.

What can I do when I suspect an older adult is being abused?

The law mandates physicians and other hospital or medical personnel to make a report when they have reasonable cause to believe an older adult is being abused. If you suspect a loved one is being mistreated, and you followed all the reporting procedures but are not happy with the results, consult an elder abuse attorney. Meeks Impact Law offers a free case evaluation.

How can a nursing home/elder abuse lawyer help me?

You might be able to sue for injuries suffered at a nursing home or make a recovery for elder abuse. An expert and caring nursing home and elder abuse lawyer, such as Zach Meeks of Meeks Impact Law, will ensure you get justice and the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

Nursing Home & Elder Abuse Lawyer

Meeks Impact Law is a small family-based law firm in Cumming, Georgia. We genuinely care about our clients as individuals, and their families, which is why they receive quality legal services. Our team understands the legal and medical aspects of personal injury law, using this knowledge to build strong cases for our clients. Are you in need of a nursing home/elder abuse lawyer? Contact Meeks Impact Law today.